Accessing Horticulture Data

Access to horticultural data and information needs to improve

Accessing data and information for the horticulture sector



A report commissioned by Horticulture Wales suggests that the biggest data and information gap faced by the Welsh horticultural sector is the lack of specific base line data on the size of the sector and the products produced. This type of data collection is common in many other countries with an economic interest in the horticultural sector.


The report, undertaken by consultants Promar International, looked at current access to data and information as well as sources of information produced in other countries such as Italy, New Zealand, Israel and South Africa.

The report gave four recommendations:

  • To produce base line data to give a true representation of the sector
  • To consolidate existing information into one place
  • To investigate, explore and prioritise sources of data and information
  • To undertake a variety of activities to link those involved in the industry with the information available.




Report summary (pdf)   
Full report (pdf)
Appendix 1 (pdf)
Appendix 2 (pdf)
Appendix 3 (pdf)

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