Growing Ornamentals For Wholesale And Retail Markets

Exploring the opportunities for Welsh-grown plants.

Local Produce To Local People: Growing Ornamentals For Wholesale And Retail Markets

Varieties (745px * 553px)The ornamental sector in the UK is currently worth more than £1 billion, a figure that has increased significantly in recent years. At present, a high proportion of plants sold in nurseries and garden centres are imported into the country, even though many can actually be grown here in the UK. There are huge opportunities for existing growers to expand – or for farmers and landowners to diversify into ornamentals – and satisfy an increasing demand from retailers for home-grown plants.

This short film focuses on one such example that has enjoyed great success – a family-run garden centre and wholesale nursery near Welshpool, and the strong relationship it has built up with a number of local growers.

The video outlines some of the advantages developing local supply chains can lead to, such as more effective transportation and customer service, while it also explores some of the issues ornamental growers can face, including:

  • Land, preparation, access, and infrastructure
  • Plant varieties
  • Water and irrigation.

Download Case Study (PDF)

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