Local Authority Supply Chains For Ornamentals

Exploring the opportunities to supply plants locally.

Local Produce To Local People: Local Authority Supply Chains For Ornamentals

Horticulture Wales 'Local Authority Supply Chains For Ornamentals' filmA large proportion of plants and flowers used for town planting schemes, commercial displays, and for retail are brought into Wales from other parts of the UK or from overseas, even though buyers – in many cases – would prefer to source more Welsh-grown plants.

This short film focuses on the ongoing partnership between a Mid-Wales town council and a local nursery that supplies many of its bedding plants and hanging baskets. It highlights some of the advantages developing such a successful local supply chain can provide to both the grower and the buyer.

Lessons learned from this example could easily apply to growers interested in developing links with buyers in other organisations such as:

  • Local Authorities
  • Town and Community Councils
  • Colleges
  • Convenience stores selling plants
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Farm shops
  • Golf courses
  • Independent garden centres
  • Housing developers and landscapers.

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