Working With Other Food Businesses

How growers can add value by working with food processors and manufacturers.

Local Produce To Local People: Working With Other Food Businesses

Fruit Jam Ice Cream Customers One of the most effective ways for fruit, veg, and herb growers across Wales to improve the profitability of their business is to add value to their primary produce by teaming up with a processor or manufacturer to create innovative products.

This short film outlines how a fruit farm in the Vale of Glamorgan has joined forces with two Welsh food processors – one an award-winning maker of jams, chutneys, preserves, and diabetic products, the other a manufacturer of luxury dairy ice creams – to develop a range of fruit-based products that are already proving hugely popular with customers.

The partnership has been such a success that it won the Horticulture Wales Collaboration in Business Award 2013. Our information video describes some of the challenges that the three businesses have had to overcome, including transport and logistics, while it also explores how a close relationship between growers and food processors can help:

  • Product development
  • Elongate growing and picking seasons
  • Provide an outlet for surplus fruit, and in doing so also cut waste.

Download Case Study (PDF)

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