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Market Analysis graph (268px * 196px)Since the millennium, the number of horticultural holdings in Wales has fallen significantly, while horticultural production continues to contribute only a very small proportion of the total gross Welsh agricultural output.

However, these trends mask what is actually a fantastic opportunity we have to grow horticultural primary production in Wales. Studies consistently demonstrate that horticulture businesses can be started with a relatively low level of capital investment when compared to other agricultural land uses, while the potential yields per hectare often offer significantly higher returns than non-horticulture crops, lamb, or milk production do.

This economic case has to be made to encourage greater diversification into horticultural crop production, to inspire the next generation of new entrants into the sector, and persuade landowners of the viability of renting a proportion of their land to horticultural growing.

Our Market Analysis work aims to:

  • Assess the existing market, current sales trends, and retail behaviours
  • Collate and interpret market data in areas as diverse as cropping and commodity prices
  • Explore potential new markets and product development opportunities
  • Investigate which crops can be grown in Wales, taking into account our climate and land availability
  • Just as importantly, highlight which of these crops has a market demand that will make it a viable, long-term business proposition.

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