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  • December - 2014

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      Upcoming Sales Masterclasses – Expressions Of Interest And Preferred Venues

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      Horticulture Wales Review Of The Year (July – December)

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      Horticulture Wales Review Of The Year (January – June)

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      Food Cardiff – On The Lookout For Fruit And Veg Growers!

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      Report Outlines Advantages Of Using Welsh Language And Branding

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      Welsh Government Publishes Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Report

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      Environmental Excellence Award 2014 Winner – Quinky Young Plants

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      Environmental Excellence Award 2014 Runner-Up – Penlan Perennials

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      Collaboration In Business Award 2014 Winner – Fruitapeel And Soulmatefood Ltd

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      Collaboration In Business Award 2014 Runner-Up – Taste Montgomery

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      Horticulture Wales Award Winners Announced

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November - 2014

Upcoming Sales Masterclasses – Expressions Of Interest And Preferred Venues

Horticulture Wales is in the process of arranging a series of FREE hugely informative sales workshops to be held early in the New Year – and we want YOUR help choosing suitable venues.

Pounds upward trend (500px * 353px)The special sessions are being tailored specifically to meet the needs of growers in Wales (edible and ornamental), and will aim to equip attendees with the knowledge, the soft skills, and the confidence to increase not just bottom-line sales, but also repeat business and spend per customer.

Subject to funding and sufficient interest from growers, confirmed dates and venues will hopefully follow soon, but we are anticipating that the workshops will run in February 2015. The free sessions are being devised so that growers can choose to attend all four of our individual topics, or – if they prefer – dip in and out of the ones that are of most interest and relevance for their particular business.

(1) Selling To The Trade


A workshop specifically for growers who sell – or who would like to sell – to wholesalers, the public sector, landscape contractors, hotels etc.

It will focus on helping attendees build long-term relationships with buyers, and cover the entire sales ladder including:

  • Effective methods to make appointments
  • Reading buying signals given off by customers
  • Negotiation
  • Up-selling
  • Closing the deal.

(2) Retail Sales – Selling Direct To End Consumer


Invaluable advice to help growers who sell direct from the farm or nursery gate, online, or at fairs, festivals, and other such events. It will outline how to initially attract potential customers to a farm shop, garden centre, website, or market stall, as well as providing practical tips to help growers convert to actual sales on the day.

Topics covered include:

  • Merchandising – shop/stand layout that presents products most effectively
  • Identifying and reading buying signals
  • Dealing with tricky customers
  • Keys to selling online
  • Building customer loyalty.

(3) Researching Your Market


This session will boost growers’ knowledge of market research techniques, helping them to correctly identify their market before attempting to grow their business.

It will offer:

  • Advice on where to find – and how to analyse – market information
  • Insights into whether USPs such as ‘local’ and ‘organic’ actually matter to consumers
  • Assistance in understanding costs and profit and loss statements
  • Practical tips on developing pricing strategies
  • Much, much more!

(4) Promotions And Testing Your Market


A session outlining skills and techniques growers can use to successfully market themselves and their products to consumers, along with some hard-headed business advice to ensure that as well as increasing sales, they actually get paid quickly and efficiently.

This workshop will cover areas including:

  • Market research – trends, product development, demographics
  • Sales techniques – developing USPs, using social media and technology as a tool
  • Broader business advice – understanding invoicing and credit control, succession planning and running a family business.

Once finalised, to ensure these workshops are as accessible to as many growers across Wales as possible, we will be choosing venues based on the preferences of the initial Expressions of Interest we receive over the next few weeks.

So if have an interest in attending all – or some – of the sessions, please get in touch with Karen Rodenburg on 07850 924033 or email as soon as possible for further details.