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New Toolkit To Help Food Businesses Capitalise On ‘Ethical Consumerism’

16 April 2015

Welsh food firms can take advantage of a new free self-assessment toolkit that aims to help them integrate sustainability into their business strategy.

Sustainable Business Review Funded by the Welsh Government and overseen by two consultants with vast experience in the food and drink sector – Iain Cox and Simon Michaels – the ‘Sustainable Business Review’ looks to tap into the increasing commercial value of ‘ethical consumerism’.

It claims that “purchasing decisions now go beyond cost and quality, and are often based on ‘sustainable business’ criteria” – for example, many larger buyers choose suppliers that help them meet Corporate Social Responsibility targets, while a growing number of customers actively look for brands that deliver environmental and social benefits.

The self-assessment toolkit, which takes around an hour to complete, breaks down these sustainable business criteria into 21 practical indicators that make commercial sense. It aims to define what sustainability means to a particular business, assess its current performance and plans, communicate its commitment to sustainability, and develop a more secure business strategy.

Upon completion of the self-assessment, food businesses will receive a bespoke report which it can use to boost its sales and marketing. A number of resources plus access to a dedicated advice hotline are also available.

Click here to find out more about the Sustainable Business Review tool

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