Grow to Love .... Blueberries

Grow to Love... Blueberries

Why love… Blueberries?


They’re a small fruit that pack a mighty punch!

Crammed full of nutrients and antioxidants like vitamin C, iron and fibre, blueberries are the true survivor fruit and grow in extremely harsh conditions.

Despite their hardiness blueberries are beautifully mild and sweet. They are great on their own or with other fresh fruits and make a brilliant addition in baking, giving cakes real zing with their flavour and distinctive blue tinge. They can also be used as an interesting twist on a savoury dish.

Did you know?


  • Blueberries are native to North America and East Asia but can grow almost anywhere. They even grow in the Arctic and are an important part of the Inuit diet.
  • There is a cross-border tension between the US state of Maine and Quebec in Canada because of their competing blueberry production.
  • You should look for plump berries, they should be covered in a dusty bloom and never be shrivelled.

Top tips


  • What better to do with a Blueberry than give them a wash and eat them fresh – but here are some extra ideas:
  • Feeling wicked? Cover your fresh berries with melted chocolate. Either eat them while the chocolate is still warm or put them in the fridge to harden.
  • Frozen blueberries make a brilliant instant dessert - simply blitz a couple of cups with a cup of double cream and a cup of icing sugar, then eat it straight away like ice cream.
  • Their flavour livens up meat dishes, especially poultry. Make them into a sauce by simmering them in red wine.
  • Combine them with other fruits like apples and blackberries, or use them on their own in pies, crumbles or cheesecake.

Recipe suggestions

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