Grow to Love ..... Brussels Sprouts

Grow to Love... Brussels Sprouts

Why love... Brussels Sprouts? 

Don’t like sprouts?  No doubt the memory of being force fed them at childhood Christmas dinners. Time you got over it, treat them with a bit of TLC and you’ll fall in love with them and not just at Christmas.

Fellow members of the brassica family, Brussels sprouts even look like mini cabbages and are packed with nutrients, including vitamins C, A, fibre and iron.

Their dodgy reputation is a result of overcooking, so to serve them at their sweet and nutty best, keep a keen eye on them and avoid overcooking at all costs. 

Did you know?


  • Brussels sprouts are so called because they became popular in Belgium in the 16th century[6], but it is uncertain where they originated.

  • It is thought that the Romans ate them to increase their mental dexterity.

  • Choose sprouts that are tightly closed because looser ones are often past their best.  You can sometimes buy a whole stalk of sprouts. 


Top tips


  • Sprouts are a marvellous tradition served with chestnuts and butter but there are loads more ways to eat them than just with Christmas dinner·         
  • Bake halved and blanched sprouts in the oven, with cream, nutmeg and cheese for a classy gratin side-dish.

  • Fancy something different in a stir-fry, halve or shred some sprouts and throw them in late on so they stay a little bit crunchy. 

  • They work really well with Indian style spices, so why not fry them with cumin seeds, ginger, chillies and coriander.


Recipe suggestions

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