Grow to Love .... Cabbage


Grow to Love... Cabbage

Why love... Cabbage?


Cabbage has had the image of a humble vegetable only good for boiling for a Sunday roast. The reality is that it’s one of the most varied and exciting of our winter veg.

Look out for the UK’s three main varieties, Savoy, White and Red. Their taste varies from mild and savoury, to slightly sweet. Savoy and white are at their best when cooked briefly, while the beautiful red cabbage likes a longer soak.

Low in calories, high in vitamins C and A, cabbage is a versatile, varied and nutritious vegetable used in cookery around the world.

Did you know?


  • When the Romans invaded Britain they brought with them the round shaped cabbage as food for the troops.
  • The dish Sauerkraut is made by preserving cabbage in brine. The explorer Captain Cook saw it as among the secrets to his success owing to its nutritional value on long journeys.
  • The Roman statesman Cato the Elder wrote about cabbage’s medicinal value and that it could even be used to prevent a hangover if eaten before drinking. 

Top tips


  • Cabbage is a wonderful addition to a wide range of dishes, but avoid overcooking it at all costs, it is infamous for its smell for a reason.
  • Give your mash a new dimension by adding a bit of boiled cabbage, to make the Irish dish – colcannon. 
  • Throw a few savoy leaves in with your Chinese stir-fry and splash them with soy sauce 
  • Cabbage leaves can be eaten raw with salads, so why not shred and toss them with dressing to add to your own salad recipe.
  • How about experimenting by making your own coleslaw? The white variety is a perfect ingredient when raw.

Recipe suggestions

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