Grow to Love .... Courgette

Grow to Love... Courgettes

Why love… Courgettes?


They are low in calories, infinitely versatile and delicious – if you don’t already love courgettes, you will do, you just need to be properly introduced.

Known as zucchini in Italy and the United States, courgettes are an extravagantly varied food in their shapes, sizes,colours and their range of culinary uses.

They have a fresh, sweet taste when young, but if left on the plant they become blander, more watery and change their name to marrow.

There isn’t much you can’t do with courgettes. They can be poached, grilled, fried, baked, roasted, steamed, stewed or stuffed. Oh and you can use the flowers too.

Did you know?


  •  Zucchini were developed in Italy - zucca being Italian for squash, while the name courgette comes from the French courge meaning marrow.
  • Courgettes have a high water content. They are a good source of vitamin C, A and potassium. 
  • However you cook Courgettes, take care not to overdo them as they cook rapidly. Do not allow them to boil as they will become mushy and lose their flavour.

Top tips


  • Courgettes are a fixture of the classic French dish ratatouille, but there are so many more exciting ways to cook them.
  • A great way to preserve their delicate taste is to quickly sauté them. Simply chop them into cubes and throw into a hot pan with garlic and herbs.
  • As a summer squash, what better place for them than a barbecue? So slide a few chunks on your kebab skewers, brush with oil and enjoy them smoky and crunchy.
  • Add courgettes to your favourite stir-fry, stew and pasta recipes but they can be an excellent side dish. Splash with oil and bake them in a dish with tomatoes, topped with cheese.

Recipe suggestions

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