Grow to Love .... Currants

Grow to Love... Currants

Why love... Currants?


We’re not talking dried black grapes here but the black, red and white berries that are perfect little flavour bombs.

Currants are a foragers dream and many of us have childhood memories of picking glistening jewel-like currants during summer holidays. If you are not a natural forager or just don’t fancy picking your own, look out for currants in markets and shops throughout June to August.

Currants can bring a deep tartness to summer puddings or lightly cooked compote. Full of pectin, currants also make fantastic jellies and jams – great to be enjoyed all year around when currants are out of season.

Did you know?


  • During World War II a ‘vitamin welfare' gave children under two years old free blackcurrant juice along with cod-liver oil.
  • Cultivated since the 15th century, currants grow in the wild all over Europe and Russia, and as far north as Siberia.
  • Redcurrants and whitecurrants are rich in vitamin C, but blackcurrants are positively brimming with it, containing nearly six times more.

Top tips


  • Whichever colour currants you prefer here are some top tips to make the most of your berry bounty.
  • Currants have a short growing season but can be frozen easily. Strip them from the stalks, rinse and drain, then freeze.
  • Toss ripe, or briefly poached blackcurrants in with a summer salad or serve as an edible garnish for a cheese board.
  • Dip freshly picked redcurrants in yoghurt and eat them straight from the stalk.
  • Whitecurrants are sweet and juicy raw, so use them to decorate cakes and puddings. Dip in lightly whisked egg white then roll in sugar to give them a frosted effect.
  • Sauté blackcurrants with sugar and red wine for a sauce that goes well with rich meats.

Recipe suggestions

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