Grow to Love.... Kale

Grow to Love... Kale

Why love... Kale? 


Love your cabbage? Then warm yourself this winter with its tastier, hardier and immensely nutritious relative – kale.

You can buy beautiful dark green kale all year round, but unlike many vegetables it’s at its best in the winter months and is able to survive severe weather conditions.

Like cabbage, kale is extremely low in calories and packed with vitamins C and A, iron and potassium. It comes in two forms: curly kale, with crinkled leaves, or the smooth leaved type.

Kale leaves are harder than cabbage and do not form a head so they are great for slow cooked wintery meals.

Did you know?


  •  Kale is thought to be one of the first brassicas ever to be cultivated. Its ancestor, Colewort still grows on the coasts of Europe.
  •  In Scotland the word kale is applied to cabbage of any kind.
  • In the Second World War kale was at the centre of the Dig For Victory campaign, partly because it would grow in the heart of winter when little else would.

Top tips


  • Try attractive, nutritious and distinctive tasting kale as an alternative to cabbage in a wide range of dishes
  • Kale takes longer to cook than cabbage. It is best boiled, or if frying it may need par-boiling first to soften it up.
  • It is popular in Indian cookery and works well chopped and fried with garlic, onions and chillies.
  • Use it as a bed for rich meats like lamb or beef, or after blanching fry it with butter and garlic as tasty side-dish for fish.
  • For a toasty winter soup, soften kale in a pan with garlic and onion, then add stock, cream and a meat of your choice then blend.

Recipe suggestions

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